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Fitness Finesse

Views9,186 Views Faps 69 Faps Duration31:57

Backhanded: Part 4

Views4,968 Views Faps 61 Faps Duration37:56

Stripped Bare

Views6,278 Views Faps 58 Faps Duration33:06

Pale In Comparison

Views5,604 Views Faps 52 Faps Duration35:07


Views11,344 Views Faps 49 Faps Duration31:16

The Sessions: Part 6

Views2,968 Views Faps 44 Faps Duration38:46

Learning On The Job

Views3,581 Views Faps 36 Faps Duration28:14

Backhanded: Part 1

Views3,639 Views Faps 35 Faps Duration33:04

Swing On By – Part 2

Views2,434 Views Faps 34 Faps Duration39:00

The Sessions: Part 4

Views3,149 Views Faps 34 Faps Duration25:38

Maid For You

Views4,879 Views Faps 33 Faps Duration32:59

Mind-Body Connection

Views3,961 Views Faps 32 Faps Duration42:59

Stretched To The Limit

Views6,775 Views Faps 32 Faps Duration42:49

Cup Of Sugar

Views5,372 Views Faps 30 Faps Duration34:00

The Sessions: Part 15

Views7,108 Views Faps 30 Faps Duration29:31